Reason: Video: Reason-Rupe Poll, Emily Ekins: Millennial’s Aren’t Liberals, They’re Social Liberals

Just to talk about this poll for a minute. Millennial’s aren’t Democrats or Republicans in the sense they tend to be registered in one party over the other. But they tend to vote for Democrats over Republicans because as Emily Ekins put it they are what she calls social Liberals. The way she puts that and I’ve heard social liberal used in different forms, but the way she puts that is that millennial’s tend to be liberal on social issues. Which means they believe in personal freedom which is the classic definition of a social liberal. Someone who believes in a great deal of personal freedom.

The term social liberal in America at least lately has been used to describe what would be called in Europe social democrat. Someone who believes in a high deal of wealth redistribution “that government shouldn’t allow for people to become very wealthy. And you stop that by government taxing people a lot and giving them back that money in a lot of different social services”. While civil libertarian has been the word to describe people who believe in a great deal of personal freedom. But the actual term for people who believe in personal freedom at least as it relates to liberalism is social liberal.

I’m actually more interested in that as a Liberal myself instead of this poll, but maybe that should be the subject for another post. But millennial’s tend to vote for Democrats over Republicans because Democrats tend to be social liberals in the classical sense. And the Republican Party is still so much dominated by the far-right when it comes to social issues and other issues. Even when they run statewide even in swing states. Leaving millennial’s a choice between a mainstream Democrat, or a far-right Republican who wants government to be guided by their vision of the Bible and tell free Americans how to live their own lives. Which is not much of a choice for millennial’s.

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