Thom Hartmann: Professor Harvey J. Kaye- ‘Why FDR’s Four Freedoms are Real Freedoms’

Professor Harvey J. Kaye: “Why FDR’s Four Freedoms are Real Freedoms

My Four Freedoms

1. Freedom of Speech-
The right to be an insensitive asshole even. And say whatever the hell we want to as long as we aren’t threatening people. Libeling people or inciting violence.

2. Right to Free Assembly-
The right to associate with anyone we want to who consents to associate with us. As long as we aren’t involved in criminals activities.

3. Right to Privacy Including Property Rights-
The right to do whatever the hell that we want to on our own property or in public. As long as we aren’t hurting innocent people. And if you are familiar with this blog. You know a lot of it is about a liberal amount of both personal and economic freedom.

4. Right to Self-Defense-
The right for people to defend ourselves or any innocent person. As long as we aren’t hurting innocent people.

We are only talking about four freedoms here. Otherwise I would include the right not to be discriminated against based on race, ethnicity, religion or sexuality. And as far as freedom to practice or not practice religion. Which I’m in favor of as a huge supporter of the first amendment. Again we are only talking about four freedoms here. Besides you could make a pretty good case that religion would follow under the Right to Privacy. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly.

A Conserver of Freedom

A Conserver of Freedom

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