WBAL-TV: Video: David Collins: Governor Martin O’Malley Focus on Minimum Wage Hike: The 2014 Agenda For the Maryland State Assembly

O' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WKWd-LkPEE%5D
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Appears to be plenty on the legislative plate for Maryland State Assembly members in 2014. Everything from tax relief to actually legalizing marijuana in the Free State. As well as increasing the minimum wage in Maryland. And I support all of these ideas if done in the right way that benefits the Maryland economy. And doesn’t send Maryland money and jobs out of the state things that should be here instead.

I’m in favor of these things because Maryland is a high cost of living state. Whether you think our taxes are too high or not and I’m a Democrat who believes they are, all of these new ideas are about economic development, economic and job growth. As well which would allow for us to cut taxes without creating a new deficit or adding debt. We could increase the minimum wage while cutting business taxes and legalizing marijuana. But regulating and taxing marijuana as well so the economy, public safety and the state has the revenue it needs to do the public services that we need like new infrastructure investment.

Maryland should increase the minimum wage to around 10-12 dollars an hour. And include tax relief to make up the difference in additional payroll costs. So we get more job creation and more people working and not less and more people investing in Maryland not less. Similar to what has been done with gambling legalization in this state. Which has already created new jobs in this state. And legalize marijuana, but regulate it like alcohol which would include taxing it and licensing dealers and sellers like for alcohol. And have more money coming into and staying in the state and less going out to nearby states.
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