Thom Hartmann: Dennis Prager- ‘Leftism is a Different Approach to Americanism’


Source:Thom Hartmann– I don’t like leftists either, but they’re not animals. Which might be the nicest thing that I have to say about them.

Source:The Free State MD 

Thom Hartmann debates the difference between those on the left and those on the right with Dennis Prager, Conservative Commentator & syndicated talk show host/ Author, “Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph”. Dennis Prager

From Thom Hartmann

If Thom Hartmann would actually let Dennis Prager speak here, this might have been a real conversation.

Hartmann should’ve known going in when he agreed to interview right-wing columnist and talk show host Dennis Prager, that Prager was going to make a lot of points and take positions that Hartmann not only likes and disagrees with, not only hates, but would think that Prager is some type of bigot for saying and believing those things, but if he was looking for a discussion and debate here, he would’ve let Prager make his points and then respond to them.

But instead Hartmann took the approach that he was some left-wing Pacific Coast or Ivy League professor and that Prager was just some student or something that Hartmann would straighten out.

I don’t agree with Dennis Prager on much: I basically see him ideologically as some type of religious fascist and cultural Nationalist, that if you don’t take his view of the world, that he sees you as immoral or Un-American or something. But he’s always been right about the Far-Left (or New-Left) in America. He’s always been right about Socialists and Communists who view Americanism, individualism, and individual freedom and immoral and selfish. Which is the point of view and philosophy that Thom Hartmann has always represented, at least since I started following him 4-5 years ago. As you see in this so-called discussion here, that Hartmann tried to turn into him lecturing Prager.

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