The Daily Beast: America is Coming to Terms With its Racial Past

When it comes to reparations for African-Americans I have one which I believe obvious yet important question that comes to mind. Yet even though it is obvious the people who are in the pro-reparations group regardless of race do not seem to understand or have thought about. Where would reparations stop?
If you are familiar with American history and I love America as much as any other American, but perhaps for different reasons. But if you are familiar with American history you know that America has a history of abusing races and ethnicities of people starting with American-Indians. Then moving on to Africans with the African slave trade. Denying women the right to vote simply because of their gender. Go up to World War II with the concentration camps for Japanese as well as German and Italian-Americans. Because of some sick belief that these Americans were loyal to their mother countries the same countries that we fought in World War II.
And even if you are able to answer that question I have another one for you. Which gets to punishing people by taking their money and not just British or Caucasian Americans for what happened to Africans during slavery. But the country as a whole including successful and even wealthy African-Americans for what happened to their ancestors. Taking money from Americans from all races and ethnicities to give to let’s say less-fortunate African-Americans who people in the pro-reparations camp believe are still suffering from slavery.
But for anyone who thinks I’m going too negative here I have a solution to empower the less-fortunate in America including poor African-Americans, but that would benefit millions of Americans of all races. A 21st Century Infrastructure and Reinvestment Bank that would provide educational and job training opportunities for Americans of all races who need this. As well as rebuilding and building strong communities especially for Americans who’ve been left behind in our economy.
The way for the less-fortunate or people in general to succeed in America regardless of their race is to have the tools and opportunities to succeed. That starts with a good education as they are growing up. But for adults who didn’t have that, or didn’t take advantage of that growing up empowering them to finish their education so they can succeed in life. Not punishing Americans for the sins of their ancestors.

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