METV: ‘Can you tell the difference between Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling?’

Can you tell the difference between Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling_

Source:METV– Rod Serling vs Alfred Hitchcock.

“Rod Serling and Alfred Hitchcock are both giants in the entertainment industry, especially among horror and sci-fi fans. They both were excellent at what they did, both clashed with censors who sought to constrain their work and both set examples that are still being imitated today.

They were obviously also very different. How well do you know these two icons of the thriller genre? Take this quiz to find out!”


“Filmed at The Social Capital Theatre on Febraury 20th, 2016.

Perfect Match has improvisers prepare scripted character monologues and then has the audience decide which characters they’d like to see do long form scenes together.

In this scene, Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling meet while waiting to pitch new TV shows.

Performed by Mark Shyzer & Rob Norman.”

Perfect Match - Alfred Hitchcock & Rod Serling

Source:Kicks and Giggles Film– Alfred Hitchcock vs Rod Serling.

From Kicks and Giggles Film

I can tell the main difference between Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling at least as far as their styles and what they brought to their TV and movies.

Hitchcock was known for suspense/thrillers, with a lot of comedy mixed in, or at least a good deal of it. North by Northwest which is a suspense/thriller, as well as an action/adventure, is also a very funny movie that’s because of Hitch, as well as Cary Grant as the lead actor, and as well as James Mason.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour had a lot of comedy in it with Hitch basically starting out the show doing a monologue (that he probably wrote himself) as well as a comedic skit where he would go off on what he hated about Hollywood censorships (what I call political correctness) and advertising that would obviously interrupt his episodes.

Rod Serling who was perhaps just as good as Alfred Hitchcock mastered sci-fi TV and would add a lot of humor to his shows as well, including himself where he would start off his shows again with a monologue. The Twilight Zone, was a sci-fi show, but it was also a very funny show dealing with people who were experiencing nightmares and going through horrible situations in their lives with generally an avenue to deal with those issues or a real life lesson that tells the person: “This is what happens to you when you don’t do this or do that.”

Both Hitchcock and Serling were great at what they do and just didn’t make their marks i in Hollywood, but are now all over classic TV and classic movie channels where classic Hollywood fans such as myself are very grateful of that. I have a collection of Hitchcock DVD’s that I look at frequently, because he’s probably my favorite director. And I have a Twilight Zone DVD. But both were not just great at what they did, but were also pretty different as well.

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