TV Guide: Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers- At The 1993 People’s Choice Awards


Hart to Hart

Source: Galleon Collectables– Hart to Hart, with Stefanie Powers & Robert Wagner

Source:Real Life Journal 

“1979 TV Guide November 3 Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers of Hart to Hart – San Francisco Edition Very Good to Excellent (4 out of 10) Used Cond. by Mickeys Pubs”

From Galleon Collectables

This may sound strange, but I was never a fan of Hart to Hart and explain why and I’ve seen a few episodes on demand and on reruns now on cable. But I’m a big fan of Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner and without them, you would’ve had a bad to mediocre show that probably would’ve been on for maybe three episodes in late 1979 or 1980.

Had RJ and Stefanie not have been on that show and you replaced those two with, let’s say average actors who are perhaps good character actors, but aren’t ready for lead roles and perhaps both of them aren’t that well-known yet and have just been discovered, this show wouldn’t have made it.

Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers are examples of why acting and the ability for actors to improvise are so important. Great actors can make mediocre if not bad shows look watchable, because of their presence and how they present themselves on the show. Especially if they are funny which RJ and Stefanie were and perhaps still are.

Hart to Hart wasn’t that believable which is my main problem with it. You got a guy who runs his own corporation, even though they never make it real clear what his company does. And his wife who is essentially the wife of a CEO and perhaps does charitable work or something.

Hart to Hart was essentially a show about a rich man and his gorgeous wife. A very wealthy CEO with his own company, jet and everything else and yet this show is essentially a private eye show. With Jonathan Hart and his wife doing most of the detective work. Even though neither one of them are professional detectives and have never been detectives or even police officers.

Hart To Hart was similar to McMillan and Wife where you had a big city police commissioner, the Commissioner of Police for San Francisco and his wife doing most of the detective work. But RJ and Stefanie made Hart to Hart watchable, at least some of the time.

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