DW-TV: Claudia Kleinert- Sexy Meteorologist

Claudia Kleinert

Source:DW-TV– meteorologist Claudia Kleinert.

Source:The Daily Press

“Am Dienstagabend des 27. Dezember`s 2011 moderierte sehr charmant Claudia Kleinert das Wetter im Ersten.”

From DW-TV  

“Claudia Kleinert – diese Jeans sitzt! 😉 SWR-Wetter am 28.08.2013”

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Source:Papa Paul– DW-TV whether woman Claudia Kleinert.

From Papa Paul

Claudia Kleinert didn’t do all of her weather reports from DW-TV in skin-tight denim jeans and boots. Sometimes she would do them in a skirt as well, but when she did them in the skin-tight jeans, they’re so memorable, because she tall, gorgeous, sexy, with beautiful legs. Sort of a stereotypical (if not typical) German woman on TV. You don’t tend to see whether reports in America from female meteorologists who are dressed like this and so sexy very often, but with Claudia you see them on a regular basis.

DW-TV_ Claudia Kleinert- Gorgeous, Sexy Meteorologist _ The Daily Press (1)

Source:DW-TV– meteorologist Claudia Kleinert doing the weather from Berlin, Germany.

I guess the wardrobe standards are just very different in Europe, or at least in Germany when it comes to let’s say professional white collar work, where you need some type of degree just to have the knowledge and qualifications, to do that job, like being in the media and reporting live on TV. Which is what Claudia Kleinert does as a weatherwoman for DW-TV in Berlin. Because over there you can wear the skin-tight denim and even leather jeans, and wear them with short, tight tops, shirts and jackets, with a big belt, where every guy watching your broadcast is not just going to notice you, but can’t wait to see you again perform in that outfit.

DW-TV_ Claudia Kleinert- Doing the Weather_ 1-19-2013 _ The Daily Press

Source:DW-TV– DW-TV weatherwoman Claudia Kleinert.

Love Claudia Kleinert period at least from what I’ve seen from her on YouTube. Great voice whether she’s speaking German or English and great face as well. She actually makes the weather seem interesting to listen to. Which couldn’t be a small task, because that would probably be like making listening to someone read from a phonebook interesting.

But I believe similar to actress’s Kim Novak and Angie Dickinson, just because of their delivery, they can make mediocre scripts sound great just because of how they deliver them. Simply because of their delivery.

But that is just how she sounds and does the weather. Throw in the skinny denim jeans in the black leather boots and she got this gorgeous sexy goddess with the body as well in that great outfit and it is just a lot of extra icing on a very large cake.

A gorgeous sexy well-built woman, which is very common in Germany and with German women around the world regardless of country. And she makes listening weather  anything but like listening to a roll call in Congress, or someone reading from a phonebook.

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