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Liberty Pen: John Stossel- The Fight For Education Freedom

This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat What they’re talking about is that most school districts in America require kids to go to school based on where they live. That is if they are going to a public … Continue reading

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Reason: Catherine Manu-Ward- Interviewing Campbell Brown: ‘On Her Fight To Get Lousy Teachers Fired’

“Oral arguments are scheduled to begin on Wednesday in Wright v. New York, a lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme Court last July that seeks to overturn certain teacher tenure protections on the grounds that they deny public school … Continue reading

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Barca Footballman: Video: Milton Friedman Schools a Brainwashed Leftist

The man in this video trying to explain why school choice does not work even though he failed to do that and at best laid out some of the disadvantages that poor Americans especially African-Americans face in this country was … Continue reading

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Forbes: Opinion: Ron Paul: How We Can Solve the Problems With Public Education in America

Forbes: Opinion: Ron Paul Addresses How We Can Solve the Problems With Public Education in America First of all just to respond to a couple of points that former Representative Ron Paul made about public education in America. As far … Continue reading

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PBS: Video: NewsHour: Closing the Gap: Senator Tim Scott on Expanding Educational Opportunities

Kire Schneider on Google+ If Senator Tim Scott is talking about expanding educational choice in the public school systems including charter schools, then I’m all for that as long as the Federal Government is not mandating this without the funds … Continue reading

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