Liberty Pen: John Stossel- The Fight For Education Freedom

John Stossel
This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

What they’re talking about is that most school districts in America require kids to go to school based on where they live. That is if they are going to a public school in that district. Which means if you live in a middle class, or upper middle class, lets say white-collar neighborhood where the people aren’t rich, but doing very well, or you live in an upper class neighborhood, you’re going to be able to good schools from K-12. But if you live in a low-income neighborhood, which I’m guessing the mother in this video does, you’re going to get stuck in a high impoverished school. That simply doesn’t have the funds to teach their kids well and pay their teachers enough. And anyone wondering why we have such a high poverty rate in America?

What this mother wants to do is be able to send her kids to the best school that is for them. Which is what any responsible parent would want to do. Why should kids be stuck with a bad education, or practically no education and end up working dead-end jobs their whole lives just because their parents, or single-parent didn’t make enough money for them to live in a good neighborhood with good schools? Which is what this is about. Kids being stuck in bad schools, because their parents make very little if any money. And can’t afford to live in a good neighborhood. Whereas middle and upper-income kids get good education’s, or at least the opportunity to get one simply, because their parents and generally both parents are economically successful.

I’m not calling for private school vouchers, or abandoning low-performing schools in America. Actually the opposite is true, because I want public school choice and allow for every school district to set that up if they choose. So their parents can send their kids to the best school for them. Especially if they’re low-income, while we reform the low-performing schools and invest enough money in them so parents would want to send their kids there. Instead of parents getting stuck sending their kids there simply because they’re low-income.

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