PBS: Video: NewsHour: Closing the Gap: Senator Tim Scott on Expanding Educational Opportunities

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If Senator Tim Scott is talking about expanding educational choice in the public school systems including charter schools, then I’m all for that as long as the Federal Government is not mandating this without the funds to pay for them. And I would also expand educational and job training opportunities for low-skilled workers and low-skilled adults who aren’t currently working so they acquire the skills to find good jobs.

If Senator Scott is saying that we should do those things plus school vouchers and mandating them from the Federal Government and taking the decision away from States and localities about whether to use taxpayer funds that would normally go to public education to pay for private schools instead, then I’m not in favor of that on the Federal level, and if States and locals want to do that, then that is their business. But for the Feds to be involved in education at all it should be in public education as a helper and funder but not as a director.

Education Senator

Education Senator

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