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Hezakya Mixologist: Video: CBS News 1968 Special: Black History: Lost, Stolen or Strayed, Starring Bill Cosby

. I think the point of this film is that a lot that has been written about African-Americans about American history has been incorrect and stuff that is true about the community has been left out. Which almost fifty-years later … Continue reading

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Sony Pictures: California Suite 1978- A Movie About The Roller Coaster of Life

  Source: Sony Pictures: California Suite 1978 Trailer I’m sorry, I wish I could’ve found a better video that would’ve shown all three couples, or groups in this movie that would’ve given you a better idea about what this great romantic … Continue reading

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Archilochus Lgn: Video: The Dick Cavett Show, Jack Benny and Bill Cosby in 1973

. Speaking as a non-drinker, meaning someone who doesn’t drink at all, otherwise I wouldn’t be a non-drinker, strike that. I drink water, milk, soda, coffee from time to time, ice tea, but I don’t drink alcohol, but you get … Continue reading

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Salon: Opinion: Britney Cooper: “We Must Abandon Bill Cosby: A Broken Trust With Women, Black America”: Why the Cosby Show Is a Great Role Model For America

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger Salon: Opinion: Britney Cooper: We Must Abandon Bill Cosby: A Broken Trust With Women In 1984 when the Cosby Show came on the air on NBC, I was eight … Continue reading

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