Tom Woods: ‘Leftists Are The Source of Everything Good?’

Ep_ 1699 Left-Liberals Are the Source of Everything Good_

Source:Tom Woods– from the Tom Woods radio show.

“A chart comparing conservatives and liberals appeared in a California high school class, and it seemed like a good jumping-off point for an episode. You’ll never guess: conservatives are caricatured, and liberals are presented as the obviously decent choice everyone must embrace.”

From Tom Woods

To sort of speak to what Tom Woods was saying here, but to not to use his words, I’ll get into the stereotypes of what a Liberal is supposed to be, which are courtesy of American pop culture, the so-called mainstream media, as well as trapped in the closet leftists (if not Socialists) who hide behind liberal and progressive (even though they tend to be illiberal and regressive) their actual politics and political labels. Like a child would hide in the closet after he (or she) spilled the milk and juice and didn’t want their parents to get on them about it.

I’m going to do this for multiple reasons: one, this is a classical liberal (if you prefer over liberal) blog that’s about Liberals and liberalism in their real form and not what closeted Socialists and hyper-partisan right-wingers and the so-called mainstream media is supposed to believe that liberalism is about.

And two, political education and politics is America tends to be very ignorant anyway and Americans tend to get the idea that Liberals are hippies who think they know what’s best for everyone else and that individual freedom is simply too dangerous to allow for everyone to have it. And that Conservatives are just a bunch a bigots across the board who hate modern America and non-Europeans and anyone who are not fundamentalist Protestants. And they supposedly hate women and gays as well.

There obviously people in America who tend to believe that Americans by enlarge are stupid and aren’t capable of managing their own lives and to get back to one of my original points about what liberalism is supposed to be, that they believe that they individual freedom (not just economic freedom) is simply too dangerous to allow for most Americans to have.

And there are obviously Americans who believe in left-wing identity politics who it’s not just average Americans who tend to be ignorant and aren’t capable of managing their own lives for themselves, but a specific group of average Americans who supposedly have these cultural and political characteristics.

People who didn’t grow up in the Northeast or West Coast, who didn’t go to college there and perhaps didn’t go to college at all. Who tend to be blue-collar, who tend to from small towns, perhaps not rural America, but hours from the nearest metro area or major city. Who also tend to be fundamentally religious.

But the people who share these views about average, blue-collar Americans in some cases are Liberals, but in most cases aren’t. Some of the most educated, wealthy, well off, biggest supporters of American capitalism and liberal democracy, and all of the individual freedom that comes from those systems, are faux leftists who claim that America basically sucks and has a racist, bigoted system and government.

People who everyday enjoy their lives and everything that’s great about America and everything that America has to offer. The term for faux leftist democrats is limousine liberal: people who are very wealthy, who live like Liberal Democrats, but talk like leftists who claim that America sucks and is the real evil empire in the world. These people I have no respect for, because they’re so full of shit and are fake as human beings can get and give real Liberals and liberalism a horrible name.

And then there are actually real Socialists who are proud of that political label and talk about how much they believe America needs a socialist (or social democratic) government. And that individualism and freedom are dangerous and perhaps even selfish, bigoted things and that you need a big government to reign in those things so that American can have real equality. These people (the Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein’s of the world) I can actually respect, not for what they believe, but because they’re honest about what they believe.

When you think of liberal, you should think about liberal democracy and all of the individual rights that come from it, like equal justice, equality of opportunity, equal protection, equal rights, etc.

When you think of socialist, you think about social democracy (the good child in the socialist movement) and communism. (The bad child in the socialist movement)

When you think about bullshit artists when you’re talking and wanting to learn about Liberals and liberalism, you think about limousine liberals. And the so-called Young Socialists of America who talk about how much they love socialism and hate capitalism, while they take advantage of single thing that capitalism and liberal democracy has too offer to finance their personal lifestyles.

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