Last Week Tonight: John Oliver- The Filibuster

Filibuster_ Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Source:Last Week Tonight– A 19 minute John Oliver filibuster on the filibuster and not one Senator objected. LOL

Source:The New Democrat 

“John Oliver explains why filibusters exist, why they shouldn’t, and why it’s stupid to drink coffee like a cat.”

From Last Week Tonight


Source:The AV Club– “John Oliver filibusters the filibuster on Last Week Tonight” 

I guess my question for John Oliver would be: does he want to end the filibuster today, or as soon as the next Democratic Congress is sworn in with a Democratic President, like let’s say in January, 2021. Which would be the next possible opportunity for Democrats to have complete control of Congress and The White House at the same time.

The honest and unfortunately less popular view for ending the filibuster is that people who actually take this view is that they don’t believe in the filibuster, period. They want complete democratic rule and for the majority to rule at all times. Which was the view that Tom Harkin who served in Congress for 40 years, including five terms in the Senate took. He hated the filibuster all together and wanted to completely eliminate it, regardless of who was in control of Congress and who the President was.

But unfortunately the more popular and common view when it comes to the filibuster in Congress whether they’re in the House or Senate, Democrat or Republican is: “we’re in favor of the filibuster, when the other party is in control of the Senate. Especially when they’re also in control of the House. And even more important than that: when the other party is in control of Congress and the presidency. If we have a large minority in the Senate or just 41 seats, we want to able to use that power to stop the majority party at all times.”

“But when we’re in control of Congress, we want to eliminate the Senate filibuster, because we see at as undemocratic and an absolute abuse of power by the minority against the majority.” At least that’s what Democrats and Republicans would say if they were under oath or under truth serum, because even jail is worst for them, then admitting to their constituents that they’re just a bunch of hyper-partisan, hypocritical, lying assholes.

It’s one thing to be against the filibuster, but then the obvious would be why: do you see it as an obstructing Congress to do their jobs, especially the Senate. Or you just hate it when your party is in control of Senate, especially when your party has the House and White House as well. And you’re nothing more than a hyper-partisan, hypocritical, lying asshole. You know, those people that Americans continually elect and reelect from both party’s to Congress every single freakin year.

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