Tom Woods: ‘Ep. 1470 Vince Vaughn on Hollywood, Libertarianism, and American Politics’

Ep_ 1470 Vince Vaughn on Hollywood, Libertarianism, and American Politics

Source:Tom Woods– interviewing Libertarian entertainer Vince Vaughn

Source:The New Democrat 

“Vince Vaughn has scores of Hollywood films to his credit — from The Lost World: Jurassic Park to Hacksaw Ridge and many in between — and has been a Ron Paul supporter since the 2008 presidential campaign. He and Tom discuss Hollywood, libertarianism, and American politics. Show notes for Ep. 1470”

From Tom Woods


Source:Ora-TV– Ora-TV Off The Grid: Vince Vaughn the Libertarian

The so-called Hollywood-Leftists

Who are privately as socialist as Ron Paul, or as Ronald Reagan was Communist, Bernie Sanders is an objectivist Ayn Rand Libertarian, as socialist as Ann Coulter is feminist, etc. That even though publicly that back left-wing political candidates and politicians ( whether they’re self-described Socialists or not ) and claim to hate Corporate America ( even though they work for it and even own their own corporations ) that as left-wing and socialist as they claim to be, they generally don’t believe anything that they’re actually saying publicly.

Because they’re part of the group that they claim to be against: which are rich people and even worst from a left-wing socialist point of view, what they call rich white people. Not calling them liars, ( necessarily ) but you have to remember that they are actors who make they’re livings acting and entertaining people. The Susan Sarandon’s, Jayne Fonda’s, Danny Glover’s Matt Damon’s, Robert Redford’s and others are part of this Hollywood group.

Hollywood Democrats

This is sort of the Billy Baldwin group in Hollywood. People who are loyal Democrats and who get behind the best Democrat that can beat the Republican that they’re facing. Politically, they’re probably Center-Left Progressives and Classical Liberals, but they’re mainly honest, partisan Democrats who back Democrats, in order to beat the Republican Party.

Hollywood Conservative-Libertarians

I guess this would be comedian Vince Vaughn’s group, that Clint Eastwood is also part of. They love working in America, they love making a great living in America, they love being wealthy, they love the Hollywood lifestyle. And they don’t want left-wing or Far-Right politicians coming into power in America and telling them what they can and can’t do.

Hollywood Conservatives

John Wayne, famous member of this Hollywood faction, Ronald Reagan post-Hollywood became a member of this group, Bob Hope, and plenty of other entertainers from the past. Jon Voight would be a big part of this group today. They’re basically just Center-Right loyal Republicans who want to beat Democrats and keep their taxes and regulations down.

Hollywood, gets stereotyped as left-wing and even socialist, but this is Hollywood we’re talking about which is the entertainment capital of America at least and they’re in the business of entertainment ( naturally ) and to make money. And if Hollywood was anywhere near as socialist or even socialist at all as they get stereotyped, they would be out of business. Or at the very least struggling to stay in business and running fundraisers to stay in business. So when a member of Hollywood takes any political position, before you even consider taking them seriously about anything, you have to remember that they are professional entertainers first and perhaps even last.

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