George Carlin: The Death Penalty (1996)

George Carlin - Death Penalty

Source:HBO– George Carlin: come and get it! 

Source:The New Democrat 

“George Carlin talks about the death penalty, i didn’t see this one up so i thought i might upload it ;] If you like George Carlin, you might want to check out Bill Hicks as well.

Taken from his ‘Back in Town’ special in 1996

This video belongs to HBO and is used under fair use law.”

From HBO

So let see if I can’t get this straight: ( because it would be pointless for me to try to get it gay. LOL ) George Carlin, is in favor of the death penalty for bankers who launder money to drug dealers, but the drug dealers would be off the hook ( so to speak ) just as long as the drug dealers are killing each other. So it’s OK if drug dealers sell their junk ( to keep it clean ) to our children and everyone else who wants to buy it, just as long as they kill themselves as well.

OK, that’s an interesting take, but perhaps just as interesting as the politician who claims you can cut taxes deeply, increase government spending dramatically and that will balance the budget. Sounds like thinking by people who are on marijuana highs and who perhaps got their marijuana from the same drug dealers who George Carlin wants to spare from the death penalty.

Or the other politician who promises the taxpayers a, b, and c, and perhaps the rest of the alphabet and that none of those programs will cost them everything. And at the same time they’re also going to cut their taxes and balance the budget as well. No offense to George: but his death penalty argument sounds like it came from a politician.

I have an alternative: if we’re going to have a death penalty at all, it will just be for the assholes. I know what you’re thinking: America is full of assholes and there’s not enough electricity, poison or ammo to execute every asshole in America. But hear me out: we use the death penalty primarily for the assholes who hurt innocent people simply because they don’t like their race, ethnicity, complexion, religion, sexuality, hair color, complexion, shoes, money, etc. And even if with all the hate crimes in America, we’re still talking about small percentage of the country. And we can even save the taxpayers some money here by giving them guns and telling them that they’re just water guns and let them execute themselves.

This is probably not an argument from anyone who is ever going to get elected to anything ( without Russia’s help ) anytime soon, but doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering.

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