CNBC: U.S. Senator. ‘Kamala Harris and Joe Biden- Spar Over Record On Race’


Source:CNBC– In this photo, some might get the impression that Bernie Sanders is the Centrist. LOL

Source:The New Democrat 

“Democratic candidates take the stage together for the first time Wednesday night as they jockey for position in the race to take on President Donald Trump in 2020.

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Source:CNBC: U.S. Senator. ‘Kamala Harris and Joe Biden- Spar Over Record On Race’

As far as my expectations for the Democratic presidential primaries and debates going in, I don’t have any one particular candidate that I’m ready to say this is the one.

I don’t see a Centrist winning the Democratic nomination and I don’t want one as someone who is not a Centrist and has real strong beliefs, principles, and policies.

A Socialist, can’t win the general election ( newsflash, for all you Bernie and Liz lovers ) and I’m not a Socialist either, because I don’t even want government ( big or small ) to try to do everything for me or anyone else, especially if I have to pay for these so-called services, which might seem more like a prison sentence for the lack of individual choice and freedom that could come about if a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren is actually ever elected President of the United States.

A Democratic Centrist, ( if there is such a thing anymore ) would put most American voters ( especially Millennial’s ) into a national coma because of how boring they are and no one would ever want to vote again, because they see politics as so boring. And Americans are just crazy this way in the sense that they tend to actually want to know what political candidates actually think, before they decide to support them or not. And as much as they might actually like sleeping, they don’t want to be put asleep by politician all the time, just when they’re having trouble sleeping.

And Americans primarily don’t want Uncle Sam coming in and taking over and trying to manage their economic affairs ( and if the nanny statists come in as well ) not their personal affairs for them either and make Americans believe that they’re now living in national boot camp, prison, or boarding school.

So just both as a Democrat and a voter, I believe the Democrats best shot at winning the election in 2020, is to not nominate a Socialist who doesn’t even know how to pay for all their government spending, but don’t nominate a Centrist either who doesn’t even know what the hell they believe about anything, or at the very least doesn’t know how to communicate their message and politics. But someone who can appeal to both Independents and Democrats. Win the nomination and even unite the party behind him or her, but win the Independents who even voted for Donald Trump, but now want someone else since they now know what kind of President Mr. Trump is. Like nominating an actual Progressive or Liberal, not closeted Socialist, but the real things.

Which finally after years of planning and practicing finally leads into what the video in this piece is actually about: I had three candidates going into the Democratic debates last week and all three of them did fairly well, especially Senator Kamala Harris who at least right now is the real Center-Left Progressive challenger to former Vice President Joe Biden. ( Especially if she ever figures out or takes a position for more than a day on Medicare For All ) Senator Cory Booker, had a real good night last Wednesday and Senator Amy Klobuchar, had a good night as well.

Going into last Wednesday and Thursday night debates, I believed that Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Cory Booker have the best opportunities to represent the Progressive Center-Left against the Socialists and dead and buried center in and outside of the Democratic Party. And watching her go up against Vice President Joe Biden was like watching two boxers in the ring with neither one of them having any real advantage, but with one boxer setting up their big punches and moves, before they just land their big shot and then land several big punches after that to take their opponent down. Kamala, at the very least knocked the frontrunner off of his feet last Thursday. And we”ll see if Joe can get back up.

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