CNN: Right Now With Brianna Keilar- Kay Bedingfield: ‘Sputters When Asked To Explain Joe Biden’s Flip Flop Over The Hyde Amendment’

Biden aide sputters when asked to explain flip-flop on Hyde Amendment

Source:Washington Free Beacon– Biden Aide Struggles to Explain Flip-Flop on Hyde Amendment: ‘This Is Not a Decision About Politics”

Source:The New Democrat 

“CNN host Brianna Keilar accused her of not answering her questions.”


From Joe Biden’s own words last Thursday when he explained his flip flop on the Hyde Amendment: “I can no longer support and amendment that denies health care to women, when I believe health care is a right.” So last Wednesday when he still supported the Hyde Amendment that according to his own words denied health care to women, when he believes that health care is a right, he believed that was OK. But less than 24 hours later he now believes that denying women their right to health care is wrong, even though the previous 43 years when he supported the Hyde Amendment first in Congress, then as Vice President, and now as a private citizen, he believed denying women health care was OK. And he apparently didn’t have any issues with it.

The only thing that changed from last Wednesday to last Thursday, was the politics. He was getting hammered from the Left of his party that believes that abortion should be legal at all times for any female in the country who is pregnant, even if they can’t afford to get an abortion and that people who are antiabortion should be forced pay for low-income and teenage females right to an abortion. And has calculated that even though he prefers to run a general election campaign during the Democratic primaries. he needs the radical pro-choice-abortion vote in order to get the Democratic nomination next summer to face off against President Donald Trump.

Before last Thursday, the biggest asset that Vice President Biden had going for him other than his experience, personal charm, and sense of humor, was his candor. He really is the John McCain of the Democratic Party, but more likable and perhaps not as blunt. And less than a month later after entering the 2020 presidential race he’s already in danger of losing perhaps his biggest asset which is candor and trust that people have in him and that they tend to believe him when he says something and when he takes a position on something. You can’t run an anti-Donald Trump campaign when he you make the same flip flops that he does and flat out lie about important issues like the Hyde Amendment and abortion.

Listening to Joe Biden’s flip flop over the Hyde Amendment, reminds me of George Carlin’s monologue called Question Everything: the only people that automatically take the word of any politician on anything, even an honest politician ( if honest politician is not an Oxymoron ) without first looking at what the person is saying and the evidence behind what they’re saying and what is actually happening, are people who buy used cars from car thieves without even test driving the car first. Perhaps they even buy the car without even seeing the car first. “So what if the doors falls off every time I open it: that just makes it easier to get in the car.” The same people who automatically take a politician’s word on anything, are the same people who ask to get kicked in the balls: they’re begging for trouble and are completely unprepared for the fallout.

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