Scott Bradley: ‘To Run For Office Or Not’

To Run for Office or Not

Source:Freedom Rising Sun– That is the question for this piece

Source:The New Democrat 

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
Source: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960

Scott Bradley: ‘To Run For Office Or Not’

Source:Freedom Rising Sun- That is the question for this piece
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Source:Scott Bradley: ‘To Run For Office Or Not’

George Orwell on Politicians - Google Search

Source:KWIZE– “Political language — and with variations this is true of all …
George Orwell about truth (“Politics and the English Language”, 1946) -“

When I think about politicians, I think about one of George Orwell’s quote about them: “political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.” Not all politicians are bad people who lack character and morality, but enough of them even if not most of them are and have replaced whatever character and morality that they started with when they were growing up with careerism. Once they into public office, they are there to stay there, or get promoted to the next job. That becomes their number one objective. And if doing a good job once they are in office helps them politically like effectively responding to a natural disaster, then they’ll do that, just as long as it helps them politically and they need the support of the people that are getting hurt by that disaster.

If being in public office just meant that once you are elected to whether it’s Congress or some other office, or being promoted in Congress like moving from the House and getting elected to the Senate, if it just meant doing what you ran on and campaigned on, then I might like the job myself. Whether it was Congress, Governor of Maryland, General Assembly.

I mean think about it: members of Congress ( House and Senate ) make roughly 150,000 dollars a year. If you’re in leadership, you make more than that. Roughly three times more than the average American who can’t afford to make bullshitting ( excuse the word ) their number one tool at work. If the average American bullshitted as much as the average politician, they wouldn’t be able to hold a job, because no responsible employer would be able to trust them. And they might find themselves in jail for committing fraud.

If you’re in Congress, you make 150,000 dollars a year and for what: even if Congress doesn’t do their jobs which they’re supposed to do not just under the Constitution, but under their own rules like pass an annual Federal budget and appropriations bills, they can give themselves a raise. Congress, not only supervises itself, but is responsible for their own compensation, as far as deciding how much they should be paid and then leaving the taxpayers with the bill to compensate them, even if they’re doing nothing other giving speeches, raising campaign funds, and taking political positions that are only in their best political interest.

So I get back to George Orwell’s quote: “political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder sound respectful.” Politicians succeed on their ability to bullshit especially when they’re either in trouble or facing tough political situations and positions. And trying to find a way to make people believe what they don’t believe: like trying to make something that they’re guilty of like flip flopping on a key issue make it seem like they’re not flip flopping at all. ( That’s about Joe Biden and his flip on the Hyde Amendment: in case anyone is wondering )

Or when they get caught in hypocrisy, trying to make people believe that they’re not being hypocritical at all: like a right-wing politician claiming to be against big government, except when they’re in favor of it, because they’re against high taxes and government spending, but are in love with big government to the point that they would sleep with it when it comes to people’s personal affairs and their own personal lives like when it comes to consensual sex amongst adults.

Or a left-wing politician claiming to be pro-choice, because they support abortion rights and gay rights, but are anti-choice and pro-big government on just about everything else like as it relates to school choice, gambling, and everything else that the Far-Left in America would like to outlaw and put big government in charge, even telling people what they can eat and drink, and how we can talk to people.

Politics in America in way too many cases regardless of how many cases and what the percentage is, is not for people who believe in strong character and morality and just want to make the world a better place for themselves and their country. American politics makes liars out of truth-tellers, and crooks out of moral people, because once good, average even if they’re good people before they were elected, figure out that once that they’re in office they like being able to make good money without actually having to be productive.

Politicians like traveling around the country or even world at taxpayers expense and being able to attend campaign events at someone else’s expense and giving speeches at someone else’s expense. And decide if they want to keep their cushy taxpayers jobs ( like former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt ) they need to fall inline and not do anything that could hurt them politically, even if it’s the right thing to do, especially if they’re looking to serve in higher office.

If being a politician was simply about doing the job and attending the committee hearings, asking important and relevant questions, holding government accountable, and actually legislating which at this point at least in the U.S. Senate sounds like a foreign word or at least a word that U.S Senator’s seem to need to re-familiarize themselves with, because it’s been so long that they’ve actually done any actual legislating, then I might be actually be interested in serving in public office myself. But then I get about to George Orwell’s quote about politicians which keeps me out.

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