Liberty Pen: Jordan Peterson- Inside The Marxist Worldview


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I agree with Jordan Peterson that Karl Max and his supporters seem to have this all or nothing attitude when it comes to economics. That if you allow wealth and success in the economy, those things only happen because people who aren’t wealthy and successful are left in poverty. That wealth and success can only happen at the cost of others with the cost being that people are left in poverty struggling just to survive. That they don’t believe that you can have a system where everyone or at least most people are able to do well in life because wealth and success are incentivized. With a strong education system and a tax and regulatory structure that incentivizes success over poverty.

I’m not sure that is my main problem with Marxists and Marxism, but it’s towards the top of the list. That economic freedom and private enterprise only produces two types of people in the economy. The haves which are the people who are doing well in the economy. And the have nots the people who aren’t doing well in the economy. And that they only assume that the people who are doing well are successful because they stole from everyone else, were born to wealth, or because they were rewarded based on their race and ethnicity. And that the people who aren’t doing well is because the wealthy stole from them or they were held down because of their race or ethnicity.

So Marxists and Socialists in general including Democratic Socialists today, have a bad analysis for why some people tend to do well while others don’t do well in the economy and they tend to follow up with that bad analysis with bad solutions. Sort of like the doctor who doesn’t know what’s wrong with you physically, but believes they do and prescribes the wrong prescription to what you don’t have. Which just makes whatever condition that you’re suffering from even worst while your doctor still doesn’t know what’s wrong with you.

The socialist solution whether you’re talking about democratic or Marxists, tends to be the wrong solution to the wrong problem. They believe the problem with the American economy and private economies in general outside of Britain and Scandinavia and perhaps France, is that wealth and success are not just allowed but encouraged. And what they would do instead of to essentially outlaw wealth and replace it with what they would call total equality on everyone. Forcing everyone to be able to survive with the same amount of money and resources in life. Even if some people are more successful and productive than others.

So Karl Marx and his followers even the Democratic Socialists of the world who wouldn’t go as far as nationalizing the entire economy and just stop short with higher taxes on private property and income, as well as putting the central government in charge of providing most of the base human insurances that people get in life to live well like health care and health insurance Bernie Sanders and others, not just have a bad analysis to what they see as the problems with the economy whether you’re talking about America or some other first world developed economy like Canada or in Europe, but they also have bad solutions to what they see as problems with the economy. Whether you’re talking about Bernie Sanders in America or U.K. Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn in Britain.

Liberty Pen: Jordan Peterson- Inside The Marxist Worldview

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