The Rubin Report: Dave Rubin Interviewing David Frum- Donald Trump, Russia & Impeachment

The Rubin Report - David Frum

Source:The Rubin Report– Conservative writer David Frum, talking about Donald Trump, on The Rubin Report.

Source:The New Democrat

“Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to David Frum (Senior Editor, The Atlantic) about his new book “Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic,” his thoughts on Trump and Russia, the possibility of impeachment, views on immigration, his political standing, and more.”

From The Rubin Report

When it comes to Donald Trump, I lean on the side that Donald Trump is not the disease itself when it comes to our political system, but he’s the beneficiary of it. He’s benefited from an American political system where the term politician is used as a political insult. Calling someone a politician in America now is like calling them an asshole. “That politician, you can never trust what he says.” Same thing can be said about assholes, I mean what do assholes know about anything, they’re assholes and speaking out of their asses are natural acts for them.

Americans tend to now hate politicians and hate politics at least in the sense the political games that politicians play. Always looking for the upper hand against their opponent, instead of doing their jobs which is governing. These are the problems, this is what can be done about it right now and it needs to be addressed right now before the situation becomes so bad that a lot of people will get hurt by it. That is how government used to work up until 15-20 years ago in America even if that meant Democrats working with Republicans together in order to make the country better.

Today politics in America is how do we blame the other side and make them look like they’re unreasonable obstructionists so the voters don’t like them and vote for us instead. Donald Trump didn’t create this system of hyper-partisanship and gridlock, he just came in and took advantage of it with the promises that he would come in and fix the problems and make government work again. We now all know ( or at least anyone with a brain is who mentally sane ) that Donald Trump was selling Americans three months old steaks and burgers for full price and literally just selling people a lot of junk ( to put it mildly ) that he was literally bullshitting Americans in order to get into power and then profit from his presidency.

But again without the hyper-partisanship from both parties in America where you have these two large political parties literally in the business now to try to destroy the other and claim absolute power in America, instead of offering Americans a positive agenda and giving then positive reasons to vote for them and looking to govern while they’re still trying to gain additional power, the Donald Trump that we see today as President would still be an actual celebrity star on TV. Because he wouldn’t have a movement that he could speak to because Americans by in large wouldn’t hate politicians and not distrust government.

I blame Donald Trump for his actions as President of the United States and what he did when he was running for President, as well as his private political activism with the so-called birther movement against President Barack Obama, but I don’t blame him for the political system that he inherited. Even though he’s made it worst and represents a threat to our federal checks and balances form of government. Trump is simply a beneficiary of a political system and government that was already there where Americans tend not to trust government and politicians and hate the two political parties because they see both parties as not much more than partisan hacks looking to destroy the other party. Instead of offering a positive agenda for why they should be elected.


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