Sargon of Akkad: ‘Communists at Berkeley Lose the Argument’


Source:Sargon of Akkad– free speech rally or protest, at Berkeley, California.

Source:The New Democrat

“Yvette Felarca and a gaggle of communist cultists from BAMN vs me.”

From Sargon of Akkad

The main woman in this video said that according to her, the free speech movement at Berkeley from the 1960s, which really was a free speech movement and something that Berkeley has moved away from, this woman said that was the real free speech movement, because of what they were speaking against. Which is what’s called white supremacy and the authoritarian establishment back then at Berkeley that tried to censor cultural and speech movements that they disagreed with.

In other words: if its speech that she agrees with, then it’s free speech. But if she or any leftist disagrees with the free speech, then its fascism, according to her and therefor it doesn’t deserved to be heard. Speakers that the Far-Left in America disagree with, should be silenced and those people should not be be allowed to exist and should be forcefully removed if necessary. According to the woman in this video.

ANTIFA if they really were an anti-fascist movement, then I could probably respect them. But they’re instead a hypocritical contradiction of a movement. They claim to be against fascism on the one hand, while on the other hand they try to shut up and stop speech that they simply disagree with and are even offended by it. Which is basically the definition of fascism: preventing speakers that you disagree with from speaking and trying to physically stop if necessary speakers that you don’t like and disagree with from speaking.

ANTIFA are not anti-fascists, but Neo-Communists if not just pure Communists, who want to destroy the American system and form of government and replace it with a socialist state by any means necessary, as the woman in the video proudly stated.

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