The Book Archive: Edwin Black: Why Iraq Failed- The History of Iraq

Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein

Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein

Source: The Book Archive: Edwin Black: Why Iraq Failed- The History of Iraq

This event was done in 2004 and even though it was clear by then that the original reason of why America invaded Iraq in 2003 which was over weapons of mass destruction and preventing the Saddam Hussein Regime from obtaining nuclear weapons, was not there and never justified, because Saddam no longer had WMD at that point, it wasn’t clear yet that this war was a failure. In 2004, you could argue that Iraq failed, because the world’s superpower the United States invaded them and knocked out their government and removed their dictator. And you could pretty much end it there and then debate more than ten years later if Saddam would still be in power today without the American invasion.

I’m not sure Iraq was ever originally set up to be a successful independent country. It was set up by the United Kingdom as a British colony. And the way the British set it up was to create a state where you had to large ethnic groups. Iraqi Arabs and Iraqi Kurds and two major Islamic factions. The Sunnis and the Shias. With a bunch of other ethnic minorities like the Turkmen’s and Assyrians. Iraq, similar to Iran, were set up to become reliable sources for oil and gas for Europe especially the United Kingdom. Unlike the State of Israel that was put together so the Jews could have their own country and not have to worry about being murdered by their own government in another country.

But even pre-2003 Iraq War, you could argue that Saddam Hussein destroyed Iraq. Here he had a fairly large country in land, but with only twenty-five-million people or so and yet most of them are educated, that is not only energy independent, but is one of the largest oil and has producers in the world. And yet he created a third-world country. Because he wasn’t interested in developing his country. But holding onto and expanding his dictatorship. And invading countries he thought he could control and steal their energy. Iran and Kuwait, come to mind real fast. So Iraq failed, because it wasn’t set up to succeed by the British and Saddam, destroys his country by the way he mismanaged the economy started wars that shouldn’t have been fought.

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