Andrew Klavan & Bill Whittle: Should Prostitution be Legal?

ProstituteSource:Bearing Arms Cam & Company– with a video about prostitution.

“Check out the entire Klavan & Whittle series, by becoming a member at PJTV:Pajamas TV But for now, don’t miss this episode– ‘should prostitution be legal?'”

From Bearing Arms Cam & Company

If I had to guess, it’s rare if ever that I agree with Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle on anything. If they said it was snowing in Chicago in January, I would ask for a second opinion. But as a Liberal (or Classical Liberal, meaning real Liberal, if you prefer) I don’t like the idea of government using our tax dollars to lock people up and incarcerate people, simply for what they do to themselves. If you want to go after and lock people up who beat up prostitutes, like their johns and pimps, that’s a good use of tax dollars.

Prostitution is a horrible business and I wouldn’t suggest it to my 100 worst enemies (not that I even have one enemy) but locking people up who represent no threat to a free society, is even worst. We would be much better off if prostitution was legalized, regulated, and taxed, instead of punishing people for simply hurting themselves.

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