Noize Feeler: David Frost Hosts End Of The Year Show For 1983


Source: Noize Feeler 

Source: Noize Feeler: Diana Dors on The David Frost End of The Year Show- 1983

I think Diana Dors and Denis Norden had the best two lines or really topics in this video. Where they were talking about Elizabeth Taylor saying that Liz hardly got married in 1983. And Diana adding that Liz is finally in love now. No really she’s actually in love this time. Liz Taylor was a great actress perhaps the best ever, as well as a beautiful adorable very sexy women, similar to Diana Dors. But one of the things that Liz was famous for was getting married. Why, because she got married a lot. Sort of like the heavyweight boxing champion who’s been world champion several times. But a big reason for that is because he’s lost the title several times. Well Liz Taylor lost the title of wife several times and a big reason why she was married six or seven times in her lifetime.

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