CBS: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour- Gena Rowlands Stars on The Lonely Hours: From 1963


Gena Rowlands

Source: FRS FreeStates Plus– Gena Rowlands, on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour in 1963 

The Lonely Hours is about a couple that has a spare room to rent. Even though we never see the husband in this show. But this couple with Gena Rowlands playing the wife have three kids together. A woman who sees their ad in the paper I guess ( played by Nancy Kelly ) stops by to rent the room at the Henderson’s house. She also ends up becoming the kids babysitter even though Mrs. Henderson has done no research on the woman who is renting her bedroom. And has no idea who she is, about her history and what she’s doing there.

Nancy Kelly, plays a very lonely woman who almost falls in love with the Henderson baby. Sounds strange but loves this baby so much that she now believes the baby is actually hers and even kidnaps the baby. And that is what Mrs. Henderson finally wakes up and realizes that the new woman is not right and something really bad is going and sets out find her and get her baby back. Gena Rowlands not only looks like a goddess on this show with her hot baby-face looks and tall sexy body. But she’s also a hell of an actress and does a great job of playing the loving mother protecting her family from a sick dangerous woman.

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