Watch Mojo: ‘The Watergate Scandal- Timeline and Background’


Source:Watch Mojo– Richard M. Nixon (Republican, California) 37th President of the United States.

“Though the public only first caught wind of this scandal after the June 17th, 1972 Watergate break-in, the controversy was years in the making. Groups close to the White House used illegal means to assure their president, Richard Nixon, would get elected to a second term. And the Watergate burglary was a chance to spy on the Democratic Party. It wasn’t long before a trail led straight to key people in the Republican Party, and the cover-up began. Intrepid reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, with help from their anonymous source Deep Throat, helped unravel the mess, and eventually the Watergate Scandal forced the first and only resignation of a U.S. president…

From Watch Mojo

I’ll tell you how Watergate was uncovered: ask John Dean, nah, just kidding, but John Dean is how Watergate broke. I’m not saying that Watergate wouldn’t have broken without John Dean. And I’m not talking about the Washington Watergate burglary itself, which is a local Washington police story a point that I’ve made before.

The Watergate scandal that I’m talking about really needs a new name for the scandal that it was, because the real scandal in the Nixon White House was not the Watergate burglary, because President Nixon didn’t order or organize that and it wasn’t the coverup either.

The real scandal in the Nixon White House was what Len Colodny said in this video which was the Nixon secret government. The criminal operations inside of the Nixon White House. The plumbers really and what that unit inside of the Nixon White House and what they were doing. The illegal break ins and intelligence operations done by this group to get intelligence on Dick Nixon opponents and even enemies. And opponents of the Nixon Administration itself.

Where John Dean comes in as White House counsel up until the summer of 1973 when Congress started looking into this story with the Senate Watergate hearings, is that Dean broke what was going on in the Nixon White House. He was in charge of the Watergate coverup, but also knew about the plumbers and everything they were doing.

Without John Dean, we not only don’t know what President Nixon knew and when he knew it. But we also don’t know about the criminal operations that we’re going on inside of the Nixon White House, because Congress was asleep (or drunk, or too busy raising money and running for reelection) and not doing their proper oversight of the Nixon White House.

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