Bloodletters and Badmen: Mobsters- Anthony Spliotro: The Enforcer of Las Vegas

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Source:Bloodletters & Badmen– Italian Chicago Mobster Anthony Spilotro. Who later became the mobster enforce in Las Vegas.

“The Life & Death of Anthony Spilotro.”

Frank-Lefty Rosenthal

Source:Bio– Frank Lefty Rosenthal on the left & an unknown man.

From Bloodletters & Badmen

Tony Spilotro was one of the worst pieces of garbage (and I’m being nice here) that was ever produced by the Italian Mafia. I’m not even sure he cared about his own family, wife and kids and people who are supposed to be close to you. If the man had any conscience, it was as tiny as a flea and you needed a telescope or something, perhaps super vision in order to see it.

Spliotro, wasn’t one of the worst killers in American history. He was one of the most successful as far as the amount of murders that he’s responsible for. Either doing them personally, or ordering people to be murdered.

Spilotro, leaving Chicago for Las Vegas, was a Chicago blessing and Las Vegas hell. Because The Ant who was a giant among serial murderers for the amount of people he murdered, but he was never caught for any of them and never did anytime for them. To the point that Las Vegas Mafia saw The Ant as a threat and so did everyone involved a favor by whacking him in 1986. Not the most successful and dangerous mobster of all-time. But that might only be because The Ant was killed in 1986.

Roy DeMeo in New York might of actually been more successfully evil than Spilotro. But that would be like comparing Ted Bundy with John Gacy when it came to serial murderers. You can’t really lose there, but Spilotro dying actually benefited everyone involved. And serial murderers like Tony Spilotro are why America has a death penalty. Whether you are in favor of the death penalty or not, it is for people who murder. Murder multiple people and have no feelings or remorse about their murders.

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