Kittens McTavish: ‘The Newsroom: Spreading Lies’


Source:Kitten McTavish– Jeff Daniels as Newsroom anchorman Will McEvoy.

“When people say “FOX lies” and “Glenn Beck lies” and “Rush lies,” THIS is what they are talking about.”

From Kitten McTavish

I’m going to start this post off with a few expressions that may sound cheesy today, but explain what I’m getting at perfectly:

“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

And the other one being: “Every good reporters gets at least two sources on their story before they run with it”.

The second is definitely true, but since we are now in a twenty-four hour news cycle with the first to report on something considered to be the winner in the Super Bowl of ratings war, even if they are inaccurate with their reporting, that rule is not followed very much anymore. It’s about being first and figuring out what actually happened later.

My point is about Fox News and her’s another expression, take everything that Fox News reports, especially about Democrats, people on the Left or even Republicans and people on the Right that the Tea Party and Far-Right views as RINOS, or fake Republicans, with at least a jar of salt.

Forget about the grain of salt cliché, I mean seriously what can you do with a grain of salt anyway, it probably won’t even make you thirsty. Fox News in name only and they are only there as the official mouthpiece for the Tea Party and Far-Right in America. And perhaps the only cable network that take Representative Michele Bachmann seriously and doesn’t see her as an escaped mental patient.

Everything you saw in this video actually happened. The Newsroom just took from what Fox News and other right-wing media sources reported on air. They just used their own lips, mouths, and pieces, against them.

What’s the quickest way to defeat your opponent in an election or any other political battle? Use their own words against them, but make sure you inform people who are awake, competent and listening to you.

Anytime Fox News claims to report something and you’re someone who is actually interested in news, well if that’s the case you’re probably not watching Fox News, but if you are, check at least three or four real news sources to make sure what FNC is reporting is actually accurate.

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