Ian Robertson: Video: BBC: British Take on The Tea Party


You know in some ways Barack Obama is the luckiest politician at least executive in America because of his so-called opposition. In many ways with the opposition that President Obama gets, who needs friends and allies. Without the Tea Party in 2010, Democrats probably would’ve lost the Senate back then. I mean Senate Republicans picked up six seats that election, but they needed ten to win the majority and the Tea Party cost them Delaware, West Virginia and Colorado. So that would’ve put them very close and with better Senate candidates, maybe they pick up two other seats.

Without the Tea Party and Mitt Romney, President Obama probably loses the election in 2012, because of the situation of the economy that was barely growing and with unemployment still over eight-percent. Very similar to President Jimmy Carter in 1980 who of course lost to Ronald Reagan in 1980. So Barack Obama owes a lot of his political success to the people who hate him the most in America, the Tea Party. Without them he’s probably teaching law at some snobby Northeastern or Ivy League school, or in Chicago right now.

So in many ways the President should be grateful for the Tea Party and giving them Christmas cards this year and perhaps even donating to their groups. And telling them “hey without you, I would probably be stuck in the private sector with some boring job right now. So I’m just grateful for you for being as nutty as you are, which has allowed for me to continue as President of the United States and piss you off whenever I get the opportunity, like with immigration. And I hope you are around for at least the end of my administration.”

Sometimes a photo says it all

Sometimes a photo says it all

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