Reason: Video: Nick Gillespie Interviewing P.J. O’Rourke on Millennials and Baby Boomers: Talking About Generations

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I feel kind of strange talking about the Baby Boom Generation since I’m a Gen-Xer born in the mid-1970s the tail end of even my generation and come from parents who aren’t Baby Boomers born in the the 1930s. So I didn’t grow up with boomers in my family, at least in the household, even though I have uncles who are Boomers. So what I know about this huge generation the Baby Boom Generation, is what I’ve seen from talking to Baby Boomers as an adult and what I’ve read and heard about this generation. What I’ve seen from the news and movies.

But here’s what I like about the Baby Boom Generation. The 1960s generation which is really what I call them, is the generation that freed Americans to be Americans. Pre lets say 1963 or so America was in long extensive era from the early teens or so and on where the country didn’t seem to change at least culturally. Where the idea of what it meant to be an American was universal. Guy grows up goes to college, gets a good job, marries a young women. They have kids, the women stays home and raises their kids. No romantic couples living together pre-marriage and certainly no pre-marital sex.

The Boomers finally blew up the 1950s and moved America away from that with the Cultural Revolution and created an era where Americans became free to be Americans. And what I mean by that is that we are supposed to an individualistic society where Americans are supposed to be themselves and live their own lives. But we really didn’t become that society until about fifty-years ago. Which in the grand scheme of American history is a fairly short period of time. Since then if anything Americans have become freer culturally and personally.
Baby Boom

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