Buchanan Brigade: Blog: Patrick J. Buchanan: “Rogue President”: The GOP Holding President Obama to a Different Standard

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Buchanan Brigade: Blog: Patrick J. Buchanan: Rogue President

You know what the difference is between President Obama giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants in America and giving President George W. Bush giving amnesty to illegal immigrants in 2006 and President Ronald Reagan giving amnesty to illegal immigrants in 1986, President Obama gave amnesty to five-million people. I believe roughly twice the size of President’s Reagan and Bush combined. America is a larger country in 2014 then it was even in 2006 only eight years ago. 315 million now compared with, I don’t know 305 million back then and 250 million or so back in 1986. And besides this is not amnesty.

What the President did was tell these illegals that if they come out of the closet so to speak and report to the U.S. Government and they aren’t criminals, people with serious felony records and they are currently working and pay whatever taxes they currently owe and continue to do that, the U.S. Government won’t deport them. He is giving them probationary residency, which I guess it would be called. The people under this system would have to meet the conditions of their probation in order to continue to live and work in America.

But what is the real difference between Reagan, Bush and Obama? Two of them are Republicans and President Obama of course is a Democrat. It is really that simple, President Obama is being treated by a separate standard by Republicans because he is not a Republican. Where was the uproar when President Reagan rewarded illegal immigrants with amnesty or probation? Same thing with President Bush, it was as quite as a death mute person who is sound asleep. We live in a different time with a different Republican Party. Where Democrats are no longer consider the opponents or opposition, but the enemy. And Republicans hold Democrats to new-made up separate standards as the GOP.

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