HBO: The Newsroom- The Idealist vs. The Realist: News vs. Opinion


Source:HBO– Jeff Daniels, as Will McEvoy

“Key scene in Episode 1 of HBO’s ‘Newsroom’, in which there ensues a heated argument between Will McAvoy, the anchor and star of the newscast, and his new Executive Producer, MacKenzie McHale. This argument essentially poses the question ‘what is the news?”

From The Newsroom

I could write a whole piece about the idealist vs. the realist and idealism vs. realism and how the realist lives on planet Earth. And that the idealist lives on planet Zodar or whatever, so far away that you couldn’t find that person with a made-up spaceship. Or is so high on pot or something that they could take a nap on cloud nine.

Which I gotta admit, that would be a hell of a lot more fun to write about. The person who lives in realty and believes in facts and makes the best of that world that they can. And the person who sees the world that they want and tries to force it on everyone else.

But what the two actors in this show were talking about was essentially news and facts vs. half-truths or even commentary. To put it simply, real news hard news vs. FOX News and MSNBC.

Not putting down NBC News, which I believe is still a fine news organization. But their so-called news network isn’t and instead is a twenty-hour a day five-days a week talking head for the Far-Left in America telling them what they want to here. Brought to you by the people who live on planet Zodar or high up in clouds looking at the world from the way they want to see it. Not the way it actually is.

And to be fair and balanced which FOX News isn’t and there’s my lead in about FOX News, they simply aren’t a news organization. You take Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace away from them and they don’t have one real news anchor in their so-called news division. And are left with a bunch of talking heads for the Tea Party and Far-Right in America.

And that is essentially where we are as a country politically. Where the fringes from both wings now look like the mainstream. And it is to the point the fringes have their own networks to represent their messages.

We live in a country where way too many Americans are not interested in the news. But for someone to represent what they want to hear and represent their political points of view. Not interested in facts, but information, even if you want to call it that which backs up their political points of view. And anything that contradicts their ideological and partisan viewpoints is treated as nothing more than bias media coverage from the opposition. Even if that information is actually true.

You want to know why Americans get stereotyped as dumb, I’ll tell you anyway: its because too many Americans the hyper-partisans on the Right and Left aren’t interested in facts and information. Especially when that information hurts them politically. They want half-truths so that so they can say: “See I told, they are really as bad as I’ve been saying all along”. While ignoring the evidence that perhaps completely contradicts their partisan or ideological argument.

And mainstream America as a result is turning off the news including cable and instead watching so-called reality TV, or finding other better things to do with their time.

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