The Late Show With David Letterman: Tom Hanks on Getting Big, Europe, Golfing & Surfing


I haven’t actually been to Europe, which might not be a bad thing, because they might not want me there. So all I can really go on is what I’ve heard about it and what I’ve seen about Europe from movies. But to me anyway it look like a semi-country, somewhere between a country and region. Not completely one or the other. And a country that doesn’t seem to like Americans, but loves coming to America and emigrating here. Not that different from the Far-Right in America that claims to love America, but doesn’t like Americans.

As far as the movie Big, gee that is a believable realistic movie. A little boy, I believe twelve-years old (going off memory here) who wakes up as a thirty something year old man and an executive a large New York corporation. But hey this is Hollywood where Kojak always gets his man. Where Perry Mason never loses a case or represents the guilty. Where a thirteen-year old can own and operate a Major League Baseball franchise and I could go on, but I’ll spare you the rest. So what the hell? But not exactly one of my favorite movies.

As far as golf, not my game and I would probably have better luck trying to make pizza with just peanut butter and jelly, than becoming a competent golfer. Not saying I’m not athletic enough to play golf, wait we’re talking about golf, no athletic ability needed. Unless you include walking and standing. So maybe I could learn to play if I didn’t fall asleep during the lessons. The only thing I think that would be more boring than playing golf, would be to watch it.

As far as surfing, that looks interesting to me, but I have a couple of problems. I hate drowning and love living. So maybe I would do what Dave Letterman did and try surfing in a pool. Perhaps a pool that didn’t have any water in it though. Right, I mean why take the risk. Tom Hanks, I always thought of him as a comedian playing an actor, or vice-versa, I think you get the idea. A natural comedian who is both a great actor and comedian.

About Derik Schneider

I’m an easy going guy who is never afraid to crack a joke. I’m almost always in a good mood, I believe the happier you are the better off you’ll be & the longer you’ll live. I believe in living life rather than being alive. Very hard to get me down. I tease because I care. I try to find humor in everything & everyone that I see. I tease anyone that I respect, care about, like, or love. If I’m not joking around with you, or teasing you, it is because I don’t know you well, don’t like you or you don’t mean a whole hell of a lot to me. I blog about a lot of different things, because I have a lot of different interests and knowledgeable about a lot of those areas. How knowledgeable I am, you can decide that for yourself by checking out my blog. And we can talk about what is what in an adult professional manner. And perhaps even learn things from each other that we didn’t know going in.
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