Reason: Hit & Run: Anthony L. Fisher: Patrick Kennedy Fears that Prohibition Might Lead to People Making Lots of Money: Why Marijuana Legalization is Popular & the War on Drugs Isn’t

Marijuana Legalization Opponent

Marijuana Legalization Opponent

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Reason: Hit & Run: Anthony L. Fisher: Patrick Kennedy Fears That Marijuana Legalization May Lead to Lots of People Making a Lot of Money

This is going to sound strange, but former U.S. Representative now War on Drugs propagandist Patrick Kennedy a Progressive Democrat and the son Teddy Kennedy is one of the best spokespeople for marijuana legalization and against the War on Drugs. Even though he’s strongly against marijuana legalization and apparently in favor of the War on Drugs at least as it relates to marijuana legalization. And why do I say that? Because Representative Kennedy makes the perfect argument for why the War on Drugs is so unpopular and why more people are in favor of marijuana legalization than against it.

This latest line about Pat Kennedy saying that “if we legalize marijuana, a lot of people could make a lot of money”. As if there’s something wrong with making a lot of money. Well if you one of today’s Progressives, you have a problem with people making a lot of money, because it means they’ll need government less and have more freedom over their own lives. But lets assume what Kennedy is really talking about which is marijuana business’s making money off of addicts. A point he has made in the past, I would ask the distinguished gentleman is he familiar with both alcohol and tobacco.

And then you go to the whole argument that Neoconservatives on the Right and prohibitionists Progressives on the Left who say that “since alcohol and tobacco are already legal and they have bad side-effects, why legalize another dangerous drug?” The obvious answer being that if they are all dangerous and have similar side-effects, including death in both alcohol and in tobacco cases, why have any of them be legal if you are truly worried about the dangers of these drugs.

And to Pat Kennedy’s credit I truly believe that he’s against marijuana legalization because he believes it is a dangerous and harmful drug. Keep in mind he’s a recovering alcoholic who if his name was Joe Jones from Pittsburgh and works as a construction worker and is the son of a construction worker, he would be in prison right now for his legal and illegal drug related crimes. So that is one big problem he has, but his main problem is that he doesn’t have an argument against marijuana legalization. But an argument against marijuana, alcohol and tobacco legalization, but has chosen just to focus on pot.

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