Eagle Forum: Blog: Phyllis Schlafly: “Women Don’t Want What Feminists Are Selling”: What Women’s Liberation is Really About

Women's Liberation

Women’s Liberation

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Eagle Forum: Blog: Phyllis Schlafly: Women Don’t Want What Feminists Are Selling

I pointed this out in a post last week, but Phyllis Schlafly represents the Traditional Values Coalition in America. The American era pre-New Deal and perhaps even before American women were given the right to vote. So everything past that and especially with movement’s and era’s that give more power to other Americans including women, but non-Protestant, Anglo-Americans, seems very new to this coalition of Americans.

The Traditional Values Coalition essentially believes that even though America had already started changing for the worst when it came to economic policy in the 1930s, according to them with the creation of the American safety net, that the 1960s Cultural Revolution that included women, but gays and young people was one of the last straws. And just another sign that America is going to hell for them. So of course they don’t like feminists whether they are radical or mainstream and don’t like anything that moves America past their 1950s look on life.

The Phyllis Schlafly’s of the world believe the American family and not just the best American family, but American families are best when Joe works and works hard and is productive for his family at work. While Mary stays at home and raises their kids. And of course Joe and Mary don’t live with each other or have sex with each other until of course they are married. That might be a 1950s American lifestyle, but stating the obvious that was 55-60 years ago.

I’m not an expert on feminism and don’t consider myself to be a feminist. For one thing I’m a man and straight at that, (ha ha) but what I hear from today’s so-called feminists is that they aren’t so much about equality between men and women. But that women are better than men and if anything should have more power than men in America. That alone would disqualify me from the so-called feminist movement in America.

But for feminism or women’s liberation to be real in America, it has to be about power and choice for the women. For them to decide if they should work or stay home and raise her kids as the father of her children goes to work. Or does she work, but like her husband or partner is able to balance both work and family successfully so they are both successful at work and raising their kids. Not trying to force women to stay home and raise the kids, or go to work to financially support their families.

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