Martina Schmidt: Sexy Woman Walking Outside- In Miss Sixty Denim Jeans

Source:Martina Schmidt– Gorgeous, sexy, German women, talking outside in Miss Sixty denim jeans.

Source:The New Democrat

“Mit der Miss-Sixty-Jeans outdoor.”

From Martina Schmidt

Beautiful sexy German woman, tall and with curves, which is pretty common for German women in Germany, or in Austria, or in America. And I’m not just saying this because I’m German myself, a German-American that is. But if you look at Pennsylvania, or the upper Midwest especially, but Ohio as well, you’ll see a lot of healthy looking women and a lot of healthy ethnic-German women as well.

German-Americans are a large percentage of the American Midwest and roughly a quarter of the United States population as a whole. With all os the sausages, beef, potatoes, egg noodles that the German people eat, we would have to be pretty curvy. Because food like that fills you up and sticks to your bones and when made right, makes you strong.

This woman who I believe is from Germany, would fit in very well in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa. (To use as examples) Even with the German accent, because she wouldn’t sound a whole lot different from the people who already live there.

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