HBO Sports: Lombardi (2011) Joining The Redskins

HBO Sports_ Lombardi (2011) Joining The Redskins

Source:HBO– Redskins QB Sonny Jurgensen (1964-74)
Source:The Daily Press

“Hall of Famers Sam Huff and Sonny Jurgensen remember the huge impact Vince Lomabrdi had when he arrived at the Redskins…

From HBO

When Vince Lombardi came to Washington to take over the Redskins in 1969, he wasn’t taking over the worst franchise in the NFL. The Redskins were 5-9 in 1968 under head coach Otto Graham. Obviously not a good record, but Lombardi was taking over a club that hadn’t won in a long time.

Forget about playoffs (to paraphrase Jim Mora) the Redskins hadn’t even had a winning season since 1955. Even with Sonny Jurgensen at QB, the best season that the Redskins had with Sonny pre-Lombardi, was 7-7 and they did that a few times.

So when you see this video clip with Sonny Jurgensen and former New York Giants and Redskins LB Sam Huff, that’s what they’re talking about. They were talking about the situation that the Redskins were in pre-Vince Lombardi and what his place was to turn the franchise around. Which was about winning and teaching this team, that did have a good deal of talent on it, especially on offense, how to win, and what he expected from them.

The thing that Vince Lombardi hated more than anything in life was losing. So no way in hell is he coming out of retirement, or leaving the Green Packers as their general manager, to take over another club and lose with them.

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