The Atlantic: Opinion: Peter Beinart: ClintonPhobia: “Why No Democrat Wants to Run Against Hillary Clinton”: Why Hillary Clinton Will Have Multiple Strong Challengers

Hillary Clinton

The Atlantic: Opinion: Peter Beinart: ClintonPhobia: Why No Democrat Wants to Run Against Hillary Clinton

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‘ClintonPhobia’ ? How about Clinton fatigue? Does anyone who seriously understands the Democratic Party who is honest and knowledgable about the Democratic Party believe that Hillary will get a cakewalk to the Democratic nomination for president in 2016 based on her 2008 presidential campaign, or the way her tenure as Secretary of State ended and just because her name is Hillary Clinton? Oh by the way who is not a rabid right-wing partisan who’s known for writing for some Tea Party affiliated publication or group. Of course not! Because that is not how Democrats operate. We don’t nominate someone simply because the establishment loves that person, or that nomination would set some new milestone.

And people who like to make claims of the fact that Hillary is an overwhelming frontrunner with no possible real challenger like to use history to make their case. Peter Beinart did that in his Atlantic piece, so fine let’s do that. Who in 2006 saw Barack Obama as not only someone who would win the Democratic nomination for president overwhelmingly by the way. It was clear he was going to win the nomination by April if not March as far as where the remaining primaries were. Let alone winning the White House in November and winning states like Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia. And oh by the way being the first African-American ever elected President of the United States.

My point about that is that it is 2014 and the late summer of 2014 in August (even though Maryland didn’t see summer this year) and we are still more than two years away from the 2016 president election about sixteen months away from the first presidential primaries. A year from now we’ll have a much better idea about who will and can try to challenger Hillary for the Democratic nomination for president and we still don’t even know if she wants to run again. 2008 was a huge disappointment for her. She didn’t run a very good campaign and took a lot of shots she wasn’t prepared for from both Republicans and Democrats and wasn’t prepared for the campaign that happened.

Democrats don’t hand out presidential nominations as gifts. You have to earn them and if Hillary’s message in 2016 is “vote for me because I’m me!” Which is essentially what it was in 2008, the same fate will happen to her because one of several Democrats will see that from a hundred yards away and use that as their opening to challenge her. “If Hillary won’t tell you why she wants to be president and what she would do as president, I will”. And be able to lay out the campaign, support and organization to do it. Which is what Barack Obama pulled off in 2007-08.

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