The Atlantic: Opinion: Connor Friedersdorf: Libertarians Can Be a Significant Force For Good in U.S. Politics

The Atlantic: Opinion: Connor Friedersdorf: Libertarians Can Be a Significant Force For Good in U.S. Politics

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I covered this about six months ago or so on why today’s Progressive lets say do not like Libertarians. Why because they are the most serious threat to what today’s Progressives want to accomplish in America. Which is the creation of a Scandinavian superstate. Which is a massive welfare state that would handle most of the economic decisions for most if not all Americans. They want to end the means-tested safety net and move to a welfare state that would be responsible for taking care of everyone. Our retirement, health care, health insurance, education and even more services.

That is why today’s Progressives who are really Social Democrats or Eurocrats are always arguing in favor of new revenue meaning new taxes and higher taxes and not just on the wealthy, but across the board. Because they know these new social services are going to have to be paid for. They know that much about economics. And who does the most effective case arguing against the safety net and welfare state? Libertarians and people are now listening to them. And some Libertarians like Senator Rand Paul have even moderated their position and arguing in favor of letting the states run these programs. Instead of saying we should eliminate them and that argument gains traction as well especially with young people.

This is why the Jonathan Chaite’s of the world and other modern Progressives argue that Libertarians aren’t real, or they have no real movement, or no real influence. If any of that were true these writers wouldn’t be arguing so forcefully that Libertarians doesn’t exist and have no real power. Because they are worried about them and their growing influence and that Americans don’t want a welfare state running their economic lives and a nanny state running their personal lives. That they want to make these decisions for themselves. As today’s Progressives are arguing for both the welfare and nanny states. 


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