The Nation: Opinion: Lee Fang: “The Real Reason Why Pot is Illegal”: Actually There Are More Real Reasons For Pot Prohibition

Financiers of Marijuana Prohibition

The Nation: Opinion: Lee Fang: The Real Reason Why Pot is Still Illegal

Lee Fang is right about the reason he gave as why marijuana is illegal in America. It’s called the prescription drug industry that produces drugs that are very addictive and once addictive they become dangerous. Pain killers comes to mind very quickly and so does steroids. And I thought his example about former U.S. Representative Patrick Kennedy where Representative Kennedy now a marijuana prohibition advocate saying that “there are extremists pushing for legalization of marijuana”. Give me a break, the only thing that is extreme is marijuana prohibition and the broader War on Drugs which I’ll get to later.

But the prescription drug industry and their lobbyists and advocates are just the beginning when it comes to marijuana prohibition in America. Here are several more real reasons just off the top of my head. The alcohol and tobacco industries, the Prison Industrial Complex with includes both the private prison industry and construction companies that build public prisons in America. Who would all lose a hell of a lot of money if marijuana were to be legalized.

Think about it young Americans especially lets say the X and Y generations overwhelmingly prefer marijuana over alcohol and tobacco. Marijuana doesn’t make them feel as bad if bad at all. And it doesn’t hurt their lungs as much, or make their clothes smell. Or give them god-awful migraine headaches from alcohol hangovers. You legalize marijuana and that would cost these industries that are opposed to marijuana legalization and champions of the broader War on Drugs a hell of a lot of money.

But that is just alcohol and tobacco. How about the Prison Industrial Complex and the loss of money they would have to deal with. Think about it you legalize marijuana and now we are sending less people to prison each year over it as a result. And would have less need for prisons and cells because we would have fewer prisoners as a result. Prescription drugs are big backers of marijuana prohibition and the broader War on Drugs and I’m not arguing that they aren’t. But they have other partners who are fighting marijuana prohibition as well that are just resourceful if not more.

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