Salon: Opinion: Robert Reich: Hillary’s Appeal to the Middle Class are Tone-Death”: How Hillary Clinton Should Speak to Middle Class Americans

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Salon: Opinion: Robert Reich: Hillary’s Appeals to the Middle Class Are Tone-Death

Wow I actually agree with Robert Reich on something. That Hillary Clinton is tone-death. Wait that is not exactly how he put that, but she does seem to have a hard communicating to people about what she actually believes. And that could mean that she’s a bad politician. Or less flattering she doesn’t know what the hell she believes about anything at least when it comes to controversial issues. Or even less flattering she doesn’t want to take an official stand on anything that may cost her support with people she believes she needs to win an election. Which would make her a weak and somewhat corrupt politician.

To give Hillary the benefit of the doubt (just to be polite if nothing else) I’m going to say that she’s a bad politician. Not corrupt, but someone who doesn’t know how to communicate what she actually believes in a way that garners the most support possible. Or doesn’t have this Ronald Reagan quality as someone who comes off as credible and genuine that says what they believe. And leaves Americans in place as saying, “you know what I don’t agree with that person on everything, but enough to support them. And at least they say what they believe unlike their opponents”.

I also agree with Bob Reich on another thing and this might be the last time I agree with him on anything this summer. That Hillary Clinton’s wealth or her husband’s wealth is not a problem either. Just as long as the money they’ve made post-White House was made legally and legitimately. That they earned all of that money and again as Reich put it we’ve had several very wealthy presidents. Actually maybe even a majority of our presidents have been very well off before becoming President of the United States. We don’t see a lot of career teachers or police officers or truck drivers making it as President. Our presidents tended to have come from successful wealthy families or made a lot of money in the private sector.

That doesn’t disqualify wealthy people from running for President. As long as they have a message that appeals to common folk. (For lack of a better expression) And then can communicate how they became so wealthy and what plans do they have so average and struggling Americans can make it in America as well. Something to the effect “look I’ve made it in this country by getting myself a good education. Working hard, being very productive and producing a quality affordable service that has made me a lot of money. And so can you and this how you can be successful as well”. Not sure if Hillary is capable of speaking to average Americans that way, but we’ll soon see.

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