Mox News: Video: C-SPAN: House Judiciary Committee: Attorney General Eric Holder to Representative Louie Gohmert: You Don’t Want to go There Buddy

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This video displays what I love about Attorney General Eric Holder and why he’s so unpopular with Congressional Republicans.  Representative Louie Gohmert has less brains than a rock sitting on the bottom of a river, as the video amply illustrates. .

He’s not mentally qualified to throw pitches to Attorney General Holder or catch his fly balls in batting practice.  Senator Chuck Grassley the Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee use to be pretty responsible, but now he’s scared as hell of the Tea Party.  The two of them illustrate a major problem of the modern Republican Party. They’re overly partisan. 

Eric Holder doesn’t take junk (to keep it clean) from anyone and he’s not going to sit on his ass and let a third-rate. small town, small time, back-benching Representative who probably couldn’t get elected statewide in Texas, push him around.  Generally, witnesses at Congressional hearings in both chambers tend to let the committee member go off even if they know the member is dead wrong or lying. That is not Eric Holder, or anyone who works for him.  It sure as hell is not Secretary of State John Kerry, who’s not afraid to fire back at members of Congress.

Eric Holder has been Attorney General of the United States for five-years and has served as Deputy Attorney General of the United States.  He was a long time U.S. Attorney who’s presided over the lowest crime rates in the United States in decades. As well as not seeing one foreign terrorist attack in the United States since taking office in 2009, he has served his country well since 1976 and has thirty years of public service experience.

Representative Louie Gohmert is a third or fourth rate, small time. back-benching, Republican (the dumbest of the dumb) Representative who’s a member of the House Birther Caucus.  He thinks  that President Barack Obama was born in a foreign country and is an illegal immigrant as well.  He is apparently unaware that Hawaii is part of the United States.  He probably couldn’t find Hawaii on a map.  He has no business questioning the Attorney General of the United States.

Back-Benching Asshole


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