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Socialism has a future in the United States, but it is the Bernie Sanders democratic socialism. That combines a very large centralized federal welfare state with very high taxes to finance it. To go along with capitalism meaning private enterprise to finance the socialist welfare state. Not saying that type of economic system is ever coming to America for lots of reasons. And I’m certainly not in favor of that type of economic system. But that type of Socialist could get elected in Washington State, New England and other places in the country.

Marxist socialism for all sorts of reason is all but dead outside of the Communist Republic of Korea. Which would be North Korea for all sorts of reasons mainly because it doesn’t work. Governments have a hard enough time especially national governments managing their own services and agencies. Let alone trying to run an entire economy for an entire country especially a big country. Which is why China, India and Iran moved away from that system a long time ago.

What Socialists should be saying is that they are not here to take your property away from you. Business’s or private homes, but to make sure that everyone has the access to what they need to live well in life. And that government needs to provide some, but not all of these services so that everyone can do well in the country. And who you’re were born to and your parents economic levels shouldn’t be the only factors in how well people do in life.

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