The McLaughlin Group: Video: National Security Surveillance and Hillary Clinton 2016

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I covered this last night but President Obama essentially gave the speech that he had to give. And I believe the speech that he wanted to that he and his administration are aware of the concerns that. Americans have over their privacy at it relates to the surveillance reports that the NSA and other agencies. Cover but that he and his National Security Council are going forward in doing what they believe they need. To do to protect the country and will try to find a way that better protects our privacy.

Benghazi is only big news to Republicans and others who do not like Hillary Clinton. And she’ll find Democrats and I’m one of them who do not like her that much as a presidential candidate. Because she’s too safe, too centrist, not Liberal enough for me and a lot of other Democrats. And other reasons I’ll spare you for now but the only real threat she has to not being elected President of the United States. In about three years other than not running for president. Still a possibility comes from her center-left in the Democratic Party real Liberal Democrats who want to move in a clear direction.

One thing I agree with Bob Gates on is that Richard Nixon is our strangest president in at least. Modern times let’s say since TV has been with us since the late 1940s. But like a lot of other president’s he’s someone who looks better as history moves along because of his. Success’s in foreign policy and even making energy independence and putting Welfare reform and broader health care reform. On the national agenda even though he failed get to major legislation passed in those areas.

Here’s an example of bad Bipartisanship. What is going on in Congress right now with Iran. For the first time in thirty-five years America has a chance. To get a real diplomatic agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran over their nuclear weapons program. With a chance later on of reaching an agreement that may lead to both countries opening up a dialog. That could lead to the countries back to diplomatic relations with each other and officially talking to each other again. Having a formal relationship with each other that would include international trade. And Congressional Democrats and Republicans for political reasons and what they are trying to do with new sanctions. Would end that possibility.
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