Newsmax: Video: The Steve Malzberg Show: PJ O’Rourke, Author of The Baby Boom: How it Got Away

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First of all I love PJ O’Rourke, you know platonically because he’s one my favorite political and cultural commentators. And why is that because first of all his deep honesty and consistency. He’s what is called a Conservative Libertarian. Probably not a pure Libertarian, but a Barry Goldwater Conservative whose politics is built around government should mind their own business and not the business of the people. Meaning that government’s job is to defend the people’s freedom, not try to run their lives. Not one of the fake Conservatives who bash big government as they are sticking up for other parts of big government.

The exchange he had with Steve Malzberg about marijuana in this interview is a perfect example of what a conversation between a real Conservative like PJ and a fake Conservative. I’m not very familiar with Steve Malzberg enough to know if he’s a fake Conservative or not. But how they were talking about marijuana where PJ basically saying the cat is already out of the bag on this. Marijuana prohibition is a failure and besides we are only talking about a drug that has similar effects as alcohol anyway. With Steve Malzberg making the establishment drug warrior argument of why should we legalize another dangerous drug in this country. The same argument that could be made about alcohol.

I’m not a Libertarian but definitely a Liberal who takes the same viewpoint about government that PJ O’Rourke takes that it is not the job of government to run my life for me and try to protect me from myself. But protect me from people who would hurt me. By punishing them not by prohibiting what I can do with my own life. And if you are a real Conservative or a Conservative Libertarian, you have a very similar view about government as well.
PJ O'Rourke

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