Andrew Kaczynski: Video: U.S. Senate Assistant Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Senate Filibuster in 2005

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Newsflash, there’s bipartisan hypocrisy when it comes to the Senate filibuster. And a big example of why the U.S. Congress has a ten percent approval rating, because the upper chamber uses and complains about the filibuster to meet its short-term gains. Instead of what is best for the Senate and the country. And Senate Democrats were in favor of filibustering presidential nominees before they were against it. And Senate Republicans were against the Senate filibuster before they were in favor of it. The Senate filibuster debate is purely about politics and short-term political advantage to gain absolute power. To the point that the party in power wouldn’t even have to acknowledge the minority party and even the minority leadership about what bills to proceed to and to debate them.
Mitch McConnell

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