Fishy Paw: Airplane (1980) Julie Hagerty: ‘Everything is Fine Up Here: Oh by the Way, Can Anyone Fly a Plane?’

Fishy Paw_ Airplane (1980) Julie Hagerty_ ‘Everything is Fine Up Here_ Oh by the Way, Can Anyone Fly a Plane_’

Source:Fishy Paw– Julie Hagerty, playing the head stewardess in Airplane (1980).

Source:Real Life Journal 

“Is there anyone onboard who knows how to fly a plane?”

From Fishy Paw

Everything is fine up here in the cockpit. Oh by the way can anyone fly this plane so we do not crash? That’s right, the only problem that we have in the cockpit of this commercial passenger plane, is that we don’t have anyone who can fly the plane.

Which is no worst than doctors who are about to perform brain surgery on someone so they can save that person’s life, but do not have anyone who knows how to perform brain surgery. Or an English teacher who doesn’t speak any English.

Other than these issues, there’s nothing to be worried about. No reason to panic, I mean seriously what is the worst thing that could possibly happen with one being able to fly a plane that is already in the air, the plane crashing? I mean come on! The plane is already insured, so the money there will to replace the plane. And most of the passengers are wealthy anyway, so they probably have life insurance.

I mean seriously, these passengers didn’t have to get on this plane to begin with.

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