Jim Morrison & The Doors: Live in Copenhagen (1968)

Jim Morrison & The Doors_ Live in Copenhagen (1968)Source:The Doors– Jim Morrison and The Doors: Live From Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1968.

Source:The Daily Journal

“The doors – the unknown soldier live in Copenhagen (Denmark) 1968. HQ audio. If there is a problem with this video let me know…”

From The Doors

The Lizard King Jim Morrison, with guitarist Robby Krieger and piano player Ray Manzarek in the background. You can really see why Jim Morrison was called The Lizard King all leathered up in his skin-tight, snakeskin, black leather suit, that he wore practically everywhere in public, at least the black leather jeans and cowboy boots. And wore those pants and boots almost the whole time from 1967-69. He didn’t wear the same leather jeans and boots, but always in the leather jeans, usually with the leather jacket and cowboy boots during that period. Until he was arrested in Miami, Florida in 1969 and then he moderated his wardrobe a little bit.

Jim Morrison

Source:The Doors– The Lizard King Jim Morrison & Robby Krieger.

Had this concert been in color and the Hollywood Bowl concert in black and white, then The Doors in Copenhagen would’ve definitely been The Doors best concert ever in the 3-4 years they were in concert.

This concert had The Doors best sound and The Lizard King at his best on the vocals. But the Hollywood Bowl concert was The Doors especially Jim Morrison looking his best especially being in color. It would be nice to get the Copenhagen concert in color, colorized even so you could see how The Lizard King looked and sounded at his best. In the his leather suit, the leather jeans, the cowboy boots, the jacket, the concho belt and how he moved around on stage in this concert. And he sounded, but all in color.

But unfortunately even though The Doors were big in the late 1960s when color TV, color movies and everything else was shown in color for the most part, a lot of The Doors footage and even their photos were still shown in black and white.

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