C-SPAN: Video: Senate Watergate Hearings: John Dean’s Opening Statement

John Dean
C-SPAN: Video: Senate Watergate Hearings: John Dean’s Opening Statement

It seems to me anyway and I believe either Bob Woodward, or Carl Bernstein and perhaps both of them have said this, but that John Dean was not only deeply involved in the Watergate coverup, but it’s not until he finds out that President Nixon was going to hang him out to dry on it and have Dean take the wrap for it, that Dean decided, “you know what, I could get in a lot of trouble here. Its time to take my losses and not make this any worst for me and my family and talk to the investigators and prosecutors now. Before I get blamed for the whole damn conspiracy.” And perhaps Dean wasn’t even as diplomatic as that. Sam Dash, who was the Senate Democratic Counsel on the Watergate Committee, essentially has said the same things. And if all of this true, then Dean isn’t hero in this story, but someone who saved his ass. And if anything got off fairly easy from his involvement in this scandal. Especially since he was White House Chief Counsel and pretty high up in the White House. And as an accomplished lawyer, knew what we was doing was illegal. Paying for the silence of the Watergate burglars. Just to use as an example.

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